About Us
R S SOFTECH is an offshore development and a software services company based at Delhi. We have been providing Application Engineering and Implementation, Product Engineering, and Professional Consulting services in the industry. We have been delivering services ranging from maintenance of existing applications to full life-cycle development of enterprise-wide business applications to the satisfaction of our customers. Our proven and customizable Delivery Framework and ensure consistency and high quality of deliverables.

We have successfully provided Website Design and Development, Search Engines Optimization, and Content Management services to our clients besides other services.

Exponentially Increasing Number of Potential Customers The number of potential customers on the Internet is increasing exponentially at every tick of the clock. In fact, the user growth rate is almost 100% a year. Smart & aggressive entrepreneurs are already cashing in on huge profits by successfully tapping into this huge market.

Cost Effective & Most Effective Global Advertising Medium Compared to any other medium, marketing on the internet, is most effective and economical. A full year of Internet advertising is usually less than a single ad in the local newspaper or in any of the popular yellow pages and you still reaches out to customers worldwide. 

Direct, Effective & Inexpensive Communication with Customers You can communicate directly with your customers, within no time and at no cost through emails. You can answer your customer’s queries with a click of your mouse to enhance your customer’s satisfaction and ensure more business.

Provide Updated, Current Information in No Time
Isn’t it important for your business to provide current information to your customers? The faster you provide your customers with the latest on your products & services, the faster they sell. With Internet, you do not spend time & money on redesigning the whole advertisement – you simply add the latest & remove the old content. Search Engines: Making the Information Quest Easy Search Engines are like yellow pages directory of what is available on Internet with a difference of keyword based search facility. Some of the most popular ones are Google, Yahoo, MSN, Excite, HotBot, AOL NetFind, & Tacoma, besides thousands of industry and region specific search engines.

Saurabh along with Rajesh founded R S Softech in 2008.
Saurabh Tyagi holds a master degree in Computer Application and have experience of 11 years.
Rajesh Verma holds good knowledge in software development field and having experience of 15 years.

We concentrate on Microsoft. NET based solutions. Beside our own software products we also provide professional custom solutions using our enormous experience in software development. Among our products are both standalone desktop applications and components for integration into larger business solutions. RSS has its own product that is RSSCRM. This is Web based Application for Appliances industry. This contains complete solution for Call center, Service franchise, branches and head office too. Using XML technology R S Softech can generate various presentations from one data source, besides we can do it easily.

Application Development and Support:
Whether providing resources, building specialized applications, developing database applications or tailoring an existing special or commercial product to meet new requirements, our resource base and processes are fully equipped to deliver cost effective and highest quality services/products. Solutions delivered in minimal time frames, thus offering tremendous cost reduction and significant productivity enhancement for clients. We provide the following services:

1. Custom Application Development
2. Product Development
3. Enterprise Content Management and Portals
4. Web Development
5. e-commerce Website Development
6. Social Networking Website Development